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KCFC are taking the COVID-19 situation very seriously and would like to keep our members updated with the correct information. We are also working hard behind the scenes to enable training and playing of Football for all ages to go ahead where it is safe to do so.  There are a lot of Government, Health, Football West, GSA and Council regulations we need to make sure we adhere to, or face possible fines and or suspensions.

Please see the following documents and links, if you have any further queries or concerns, please contact the club directly - or contact President Stuart Fleming 0417 958 415


Thanks for your cooperation,


Stuart Fleming

Club President.


Please find some additional resources to assist with returning to training. There are some strict rules in place that MUST be adhered to. We will also be keeping a register of all players that attend training in case of an outbreak.

Physical and Social Distancing

• Communicate to participants and guardians the importance of social distancing prior to conducting the first training session. “Get in, train, get out”

• Participants are not to arrive more than 15 minutes early and must depart straight after training.

• Where possible, parents are to remain in the car during training.

• Markers on the ground where participants are to leave their bag if they bring one to the session. Markers to be 1.5m apart. Water bottles to be left on markers to reduce gatherings.

• Any training activity that includes participants to line up. Cones must be spaced 1.5m apart to identify where to stand.

• Coaches must clearly outline the training area and communicate to players the importance of not crossing over into another zone.

• Communicate to parents the importance of dropping participant off and staying in the car to reduce foot traffic through the training location.

• Ensure usage of toilet facilities is kept to a minimum and aligns with WA Government restrictions and local government regulations.

• Training will be scheduled with a 15-minute break between sessions to allow for a hangeover of participants.


• Communicate to participants and guardians the importance of downloading the COVIDSafe

• Ensure that all coaches and participants wash their hands pre and post training.

• Install signage in bathrooms and common areas outlining the importance of good hygiene.

• Communicate to players and guardians the importance of having personal hand sanitiser at training.

• Coach to obtain large hand sanitiser bottle to be able to sanitise any participants without personal hand sanitiser.

• Thoroughly clean all equipment pre and post training with appropriate cleaning equipment.

• Obtain enough equipment to reduce the amount of shared equipment to just footballs.

• Fixed nets, pop up goals, agility posts and training bibs will not be permitted to be used until further.

• Communicate to participants and guardians that if they are feeling unwell, they must stay at home and not participate in football activity.

• Allocate an isolation area at training facilities so that if a participant begins to feel unwell, they can be isolated away from other participants.

Staff Training and Education

• KCFC committee and coaches will undertake COVID-19 Infection Control training at

• Records of staff and coaches COVID-19 training will be maintained by KCFC.

• All staff and coaches encouraged to download the COVIDSafe app and ensure it is active.

• Coaches and all other relevant stakeholders will be provided with a copy of the State Government and Football West guidelines. This will include any additional protocols to be adhered to at this location.

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